Welcome back everyone! These are the changes we've made to make your visit to the salon safe.


Clifton Arcade now has an entry at Primrose Café and exit at side door policy.


On arrival at the salon you'll be greeted at the door by someone resembling a welder, but don’t worry, it’s only us! Hand sanitizer will be provided and you will be taken to your seat.


Disposable gowns will be used underneath our freshly laundered ones. Towels will be freshly washed at 60 degrees for each client too.


We’ve rejigged the salon so you have more room around you and we'll be working as far apart as possible.


We have always sanitized our work space and tools so rest assured you'll be in a very clean and sterile environment in accordance with the new guidelines.


Visors have been made mandatory for us and we'd advise you to wear a face covering - we have plenty if you need one.


Feel free to bring refreshments although we will be providing disposable cups so you can still enjoy a cuppa. Magazines are unfortunately something we cannot make safe but please feel free to bring your own.


Please come alone and on time. You will not be glared at if you are slightly late but punctuality will help us a lot.


Soon you'll be able to relax, enjoy the music and laughter whilst we work our magic. We can't wait to see you!





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